You made a will.
Now register it.

Make sure that your estate planning documents can be found when they’re needed. Registration is simple and affordable.

$35 + HST

Register a Will

Don’t administer an estate without checking for a will.

Protect yourself from liability. Search the Canada Will Registry to make sure you have all the right documents to administer an estate.

$95 + HST

Search for a Will

How it Works


Individuals register their will with the Canada Will Registry by telling us who they are and where their will is located. This information is kept confidential and is not made public.


After someone dies, their family or lawyer submits a Search Query with the Canada Will Registry. We send them a certificate for their records, confirming that they took appropriate steps to look for a will. They do not see the direct results of their search.


If a Search Query matches a registered will, we alert the searcher if and only if the searcher is entitled to know about it.

Why Register a Will?

Estate planning documents are often prepared years before they’re needed. Lawyers retire, law firms close, and people move. When a family can’t find a will, the law presumes the will was revoked. This has major implications for family and friends. Your estate will be distributed according to a government formula rather than your wishes.

You drafted a will for a reason. Now it’s time to register with the Canada Will Registry and ensure that it can be found.

Copies aren’t enough - Your executors need to find the original documents. Attempting to probate a copy of a will requires an expensive and highly uncertain court procedure.

Registration is inexpensive - The cost of registration is a one-time price of $35 plus HST.

Your privacy is protected - We will only disclose the existence and location of your will after your death. Your data is encrypted and stored in Canada in one of the world’s top data centres.

Why Search

When someone dies, how do you know if they had a will? How do you know if you have the most recent will?

Searching the Canada Will Registry is an important step when administering an estate to ensure that you’ve taken effective steps to identify all relevant documents.

Simple - Submitting a Search Query takes under two minutes.

Due Dilligence - Failing to properly look for a will can result in liability. A Search Certificate from the Canada Will Registry serves as proof that you took effective steps to find all relevant documents.

Disburasble - Submitting a Search Query costs $95 and this cost can be disbursed to the estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

All we need is a little information about you and your document. Complete our one-page form by listing your name, date of birth, and where your will is located.

No. Once you’ve completed our form and submitted your information, your record is securely stored on our system.

Your information is encrypted and private. We will only disclose your information if someone searches for it and provides a valid death certificate.

You can complete your purchase using any major credit card.

Keep your will in a safe place where it will be protected from flooding or fire. A secure filing cabinet in your home, a safety deposit box, or a lawyer’s office are all good options.

We will verify that the person searching for your will has a valid death certificate. We will only disclose the existence of your will after your death.

You will need to register any new documents.

Anyone can submit query to the Canada Will Registry. But we will only disclose the existence of a matching will if you are entitled to know about it (i.e. the testator has died and you have the proper documentation).

No, you will receive a Search Certificate that proves you took an effective step to search for a will. If there’s a matching will, we will contact you within 30 days of the date of your search.

The Canada Will Registry is set up to keep the existence and location of a will confidential until after the testator has died.

A Standard Search checks our full will registry. We recommend this as a standard step for every estate administration. The Combined Search checks our full will registry and sends out a notice about the missing will to law associations, lawyers, and other partners. We recommend this in cases where you are looking for a specific document.

Your Search Certificate is proof that you took an effective step to look for a missing or competing will. Keep it as part of your records. You may need to submit it to court as part of the estate administration process. If a missing will is uncovered later, your Search Certificate is proof that you did meaningful due diligence.

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